Chrissie is great with the kids and will help all the ones that work for it and push themselves while others joke around in free-play. The boys have learnt so many skills that they scare me half to death out and about but at least they know how to safety roll!

Home Ed Sessions

Chrissie is really helpful and she helps us learn new things all the time. Parkour is really fun! We love how fun she makes our sessions and asking parents to join in, although they won’t. Can’t wait for next week.
Dylan & Kyle

Home Ed Sessions

I have loved watching my brothers and the other kids in parkour with Chrissie, she’s a really lovely lady and such a giggle. She treats all the kids equally in terms of the work they give, she will work just as much with them. The more determined they are to conquer something, she will keep going over it with them until they’ve cracked it. Fantastic group!

Home Ed Sessions

TPF Parkour has been great for my son he’s undiagnosed ADHD and when he first came out of school struggled with following instruction and Chrissie knew just how to handle him and he has great respect for her and loves going to parkour it has really helped him build his confidence and learn why instruction is important when Learning a knew skill

Gem Fisher

Home Ed Sessions

TPF Parkour has been wonderful for both my son and daughter at various stages. They started in the beginners class with like minded youngsters and loved the session so much they’ve carried on into the older sessions. It’s active, fun, safe, and a fabulous learning environment and Chrissie is amazing with the children, the right level of discipline where it’s need to keep them safe along with a great affinity with them to keep up the fun too. The skills they’ve learnt have helped channel their excess energy into a safer way to scale the things they are always having a go at outside and I’m very grateful for that! Thoroughly recommend Chrissie and TPF Parkour, fabulous place!

Emma Bradley

We used to come to Toddler Parkour before I got a new job. We loved the sessions. Everyone was really friendly. The children were free to explore the equipment and Chrissie would set up challenges for the older children. My son responded well to Chrissie and looked forward to seeing how the room had been set up. He loved to show Chrissie when he had mastered something. We are hoping to come to ‘Big Boy Parkour’ soon

Alison Butcher

Toddler Parkour

My daughter attends TPF Parkour and Chrissie has been great with her. She helps show the kids how it’s done. Chrissie is very agile! Needless to say great fun and my daughter loves it

Ali Dee

All 3 of my boys have been coming to the Saturday morning sessions for over a year. They all absolutely love it. Chrissie is great with all the children, they learn through having so much fun, and they are never pushed to do anything they are not ready for which works brilliantly for their confidence. There are very few “extra curricular activities” that can provide children with the chance to build up their self confidence with absolutely no pressure to “get to the next level”. The children are never competing against each other so they are never made to feel like they are not progressing, when in fact each child is progressing all the time without really knowing it. All I know is that my boys are having a fantastic time for an hour and a half on a Saturday morning. And that, to me speaks volumes.

Hannah Plane

TPF parkour is great place to go if you want your kids to be active and learn a new skill. My 5 year old son and 10 year old daughter have been going on a Saturday morning for around 2 months and absolutely love it. Chrissie is great, she teaches them in a way that is so much fun but at the same time keeps them safe, while learning new skills.

Nicola Birch

Chrissie is amazing! She has a real talent for helping all the children feel at ease. My two are quite challenging, one is autistic and the other is in the process of getting a diagnosis. They really enjoyed coming and it has been so wonderful to see their confidence grow!

Kathryn Walford