TPF-Parkour was founded in 2016, originally made for boys who were losing interest in gymnastics and wanted more of a challenge that fitted them.

However, TPF-Parkour takes anyone not just boys, recently we have seen more of a mix of gender in our sessions and invite everyone to give it a go.

There are amazing groups of people who learn so many skills, such as tricking, parkour and free-running. But don’t forget your kids get to find brand new friends too, including Chrissie!

Parkour has become a phenomenon in the world we live today, and Chrissie and her team give kids a chance to hone brand new skills and let off steam from the huge wide world out there.

It has also extended an arm out to all those children whom are home educated, giving them a home away from home learning from Chrissie, making sure there are no knees, bums or tums going onto the equipment as to get a trick perfect and not to hurt themselves, or anyone else. 

All our staff are volunteers and freely give their time to help the members achieve all they can and grow to be the best they possibly can be.

We hope to see all of you at our sessions!

Our Volunteers

Chrissie Roe - Event Leader

I have been involved in gymnastic’s since I was 6yrs old. My parents started up Chermond Gymnastics Club for me to train when I was 13yrs old. I competed in many competitions gaining many medals and trophies.  When I retired from competing I decided to start up a Boys artistic side to the club.  I became a club coach, and boys artistic judge. In June of 2015 TPF-Parkour was born. I have been on two courses to enable me to teach this growing sport. I am learning every day.

Dan - Age 12 - Helper

Parkour has given me an opportunity to have fun and meet loads of new people. It has given me a job opportunity and teaching experience. I have gained strength and lost weight. It has taught me lots of new tricks. Parkour is for anyone who is looking for fun, sport and exercise. Also it has made me realise that there are better things to do than play Fortnite. It takes a bit of a while to learn something  so you have to be devoted but it is worth it

Keiran - Age 12 - Helper

Parkour has given me an opportunity to do fun and gain strength. It’s helped me realise that there is better and more fun things than playing on my PS4. I enjoy teaching other people new skills and tricks but also learning moves and tricks that I can do. Parkour is a exercise that is super fun but also helps me lose weight and gain strength without realising it

Joshua - Age 9 - Helper

Joshua is our youngest helper, he helps at birthday parties and our Monday Session for the young ones age 4yrs-8yrs

Conner - Age 12 - Helper

I began Parkour because I wanted something to help me brake away from everyday life and to make me feel free….

Parkour is a great sport for adrenaline and to feel the vibe. Helping younger kids feel this feeling is really inspiring and my pleasure. I love doing it and would hopefully like to do it as a hobby or job like my amazing instructor Chrissie